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17 October 2012 @ 01:12
Seine Schwester heißt Polyester...  

Some of you guys really have the best taste in music. I love reading your entries/tumblr and find out about new bands or singers.
I tend to listen to my usual stuff most of the time, but some 80s synth pop and new-to-me opera is quite swell too for a change.
And Tim Curry. I don't know what happened, but I think he was some pretty piece of action in the 70s/80s. Thanks.

Can we talk about redecorating for a second? (I bet you didn't see that coming, did you?)
I like the idea of it, and I like buying paint and wallpapers etc. But I always forget about the now-you-have-to-sort-out-your-books-and-all-the-other-stuff-and-pack-it-in-boxes-so-we-can-move-the-furniture part. So many things so little space.
I still don't know how I have managed to paint the living room and kitchen without destroying half of the furniture.

And how do you sort out books without feeling bad anyway? I think I'll never find out.
They were surprisingly many though. Mostly vampire and Egyptian crime novels I used to read when I was in my teens. Guilty pleasure reads I know I won't read ever again. And some books about animals my father's wife used to give me when I was little.
The local library didn't want them, so I gave some to friends and some to a second hand shop. I also took some with me on my trip to Munich the other week and just placed them on park benches and left some in cafès for people to adopt them.

Most of the never-read-again hardcover editions were used to build a jardinière for my plants. My aspidastria and the spathiphyllum need new pots though. Aka, Jools has to think of a cheap way to make old flower pots look nice. Because I apparently don't have much other things to do in my free time. (or maybe I'm just getting old and start talking to plants and name them after dead romantic poets..)

The i'll-keep-them-til-the-day-I die books are packed neatly in eleven boxes. Eleven. Jesus, so many books. I don't know how that happened. When it happend.
I didn't know that you can't move tea chests properly once you've packed them to the brim with books, thank you. I've meant to put them in the hall until the redecoration madness is over, but now they're too heavy to lift. xD
My room's a maze of tea chests now and looks like a piece of modern art. (that's what Avi said, before he fell over one of the chests. Poor dear.)

Half of my room's already painted, arctic white. (Where's the point ot putting a sexy reclining polar bear on the lid though? It's scary.) It's so nice to look at after having to live with that horrid baby-blue for so long. Clear clean white walls are my new favourite things. (at least until I put my paintings, posters and pictures up again)
The other half has to be rid of three layers of wallpaper yet. Whoever occupied my room before I moved in, had a very questionable love for the colour brown. Brown wallpapers in two layers and then beige paint underneath. Congratulations on the lack of any taste or whatsoever.

Sorting out books had another side effect. I found a copy of Keats selceted works I thought I never had and some long missing Simenon and Dürrenmatt novels I thought I'd left at my ex-boyfriend's place.

More about favourite books next time. Expect an epic rant. Because I can.

I had brunch with Annette on Saturday. Well,  It was actually a tupper-ware party (no plastic cuttlery for Manny though xD) with some friends.  We didn't pay much attention to it though and hung out in the kitchen talking about this and that instead. But I found a christnukkah present for my mum. She's actually one of those people who don't mind getting a blender or kitchen knives as presents.
In the afternoon I went to Passau to meet up with Avi. It was great to see him again and we had a lot to talk about. (he broke up with his boyfriend and is now, as he stated, a very happy single. Bless.)
He brought some tea from his last trip to London, some kosher candy and Tatort films. Oswald! <3 (Eva, wenn du das liest, hast du Weißblaue Turnschuhe und 3:0 Für Veigl schon?)
We had delicious coffee and cake at a little Italian place, bought a tie for Avi and some notebooks for me, then went to a nice little exhibition and had elderberry tea at out favourite café-bookshop-bar near the river.
I really miss having my close friends around.

And other news: I'm going to adopt a dog. Yay! I'm overly excited and so happy about it.
As much as I love Kinski, I've always been a dog person and can't wait to have one again.
Poor cat I hope he'll fogive me. xD

There are several things I don't feel like talking about atm, private things, friends who are behaving like complete morons, health problems and bloody moodswings I seem to can't control. Screw them.
I focus on the good things instead and try to enjoy every tiny bit of happiness I can get.

Thanks for your nice messages, lovely cards and for being around. You're the best.


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Charity Farrell: Sylva springtime hat FTWrembrandt13 on 17th October 2012 02:51 (UTC)
I'm totally with you on the redecorating and white walls front. I think finally have convinced my dad to accept the fact that I HAVE TO sleep on the floor because this too-soft bed is destroying my back; he keeps whingeing on about What People Will Think & the only people who come over anymore are my aunt, my sister & my boyfriend (woah, still not used to saying that last one!). They all understand that I need the floor far more than Dad does.

In any case, I will be sleeping at nose level with my cats' litter box in the closet and this will not be acceptable, so I am trying to figure out how to rearrange everything. My mom was unexpectedly outre when she redecorated this room after I moved out, so there is one pale green wall (presumably to contrast with the sheer purple curtains--odd, but I somehow like them) but at least the other walls are white. Thank heavens there isn't any brown, in any case. *shudder* I feel like I should apologize for the entire 1970's there.

I have at least eleven boxes of books in storage so I'm with you there, too; I just have one 6' x 12" bookcase here in my bedroom for the absolute essentials (my old English romantic poetry textbook, E.M. Delafield, H2G2, etc) but I miss having my books with me. Please don't feel bad about getting rid of them, though; I think they understand that their time with us is limited & that they were created to be shared & enjoyed in the first place, so they don't mind being passed along.

Oooh, what kind of dog are you going to get? I am newly optimistic about having a household with dogs and cats, because David (~bf) dogsits for his best friend & she has two cats as well as the two dogs; they seem to get along fine, which gives me far too much hope about getting a pug puppy sometime. I know dogs are so much more work than cats & that I should really just continue to vicariously enjoy my time with those two doggies, yet thoughts of having a dog of my own persist.

Focusing on the good things is an excellent strategy--I try to do that too--but if you need to talk about the shitty things too, please do so, k? Much healthier than holding it all inside. {{squeezums}}

P.S. I forgot to tell you that last month my dad and I went to the local Oktoberfest & I thought about you the whole time. :)
Nadinebaka_yu on 17th October 2012 07:22 (UTC)
Aw a dog? What kind of dog, if you already have one picked out? :D
Jools Spengler: Minnie chipmunkjolly_rotten on 17th October 2012 21:51 (UTC)
I was thinking about getting a Dachshund. One with short hair.
My grandparents always used to have some, and they're so adorable and clever.
pax: yes?pax_athena on 17th October 2012 14:19 (UTC)
Dog <3
(Sorry, am still working in Paris, dead tired. But: DOG!)
Jools Spengler: Pugjolly_rotten on 17th October 2012 21:54 (UTC)
Yes. A Dachshund. If everything turns out the way I've planned it. ;D
Soon! I first have to sort and shelve my books and figure out where to place my desk and stuff.
(Paris! I hope you're having a nice time. I'm looking forward to your Paris entry and PHOTOS!?


LOVE your icon!
Daubaway Weirdsley: Beatrice Cencidothestrand on 17th October 2012 20:08 (UTC)
A dog! Oh, I'm so jealous - I miss having a dog so much, and I've just been watching a programme about dog walkers on Hampstead Heath and feeling wistful. What kind of dog are you getting?
aoife: Babbling: Regenbogeneinhornfailte_aoife on 17th October 2012 20:24 (UTC)
Hihi...wir haben mein Zimmer renoviert da war ich so 16. Ich konnte das weiß nicht mehr sehen und wir haben blau tapeziert (aber nicht babyblau *g*). Und ja das Bücher-rausschleppen hat mich auch davon überzeugt, dass ich jetzt erst mal mit meinem Zimmer zufrieden bin (nur später haben wir dann halt noch das Wohnzimmer renoviert...und dann das Arbeitszimmer...überrascht es dich wenn ich sage, dass wir in jedem Raum Bücher haben?)
Bei uns in der Nähe gibts so jemanden der zwei mal im Jahr Benefiz-Bücherflohmärkte macht und da tragen wir unsere immer hin (und dann sagen wir 'aber wir gehen nicht auf den Flohmarkt' zueinander und wiederholen das auch ganz oft...bis zum Tag vorm Flohmarkt...und so generell haben wir ca. eine 50%ige Erfolgschance dann nicht doch zu sagen 'ohhh...so eine Stunde oder so...wir kaufen auch nicht viel').

*argh* moment *nachdenk* ich hab ja die München-Box. Und ich bin mir zu 99% sicher dass da weißblaue Turnschuhe drin ist aber nicht 3:0 für Veigl ^^

(Sorry...ich bin gerade irgendwie zu überfordert um auf deine PN zu antworten weil gerade die Uni wider angefangen hat und ich meine 'ich werd nie fertig und wenn doch was soll ich machen'-Zukunftspanik schieben muss...aber ich tus noch)
nefertinanefertina86 on 19th October 2012 18:19 (UTC)
A dog!!! <3 <3 <3
So viel liebe dafür!!! Ich vermisse mein Paulchen so sehr, ich kann verstehen, dass du dich unglaublich auf einen Hund freust! Ich drücke die Daumen, dass das alles so klappt, wie du es dir wünschst und vorstellst :) <3 Alles Liebe!!!
(Deleted comment)
Jools Spengler: Tadziojolly_rotten on 27th October 2012 22:42 (UTC)
It is! I still haven't finished sorting my books. Not to mention the sort and shelving part. I don't know whether to sort them by country or writer or titel or arrghh. I'm not good at this. xD
And there's never enough room, never.
A picspam will come, because I have to show off my Renato poster and my amazing new mood board. xD

I was thinking about a dachshund. We always used to have that kind and I really like them. They're adorable and clever. Plus they're small enough to travel by train with me.
Well, we'll see.

And don't worry, I didn't have my birthday recently, no. I just swapped postcards with some online friends. ^^
My birthday is on July 12. When is yours?

Awwww, your icon. I miss The Borgias so much right now. *feels*
We should watch an episode or two togehter some time.
(and probably kill off skype with our comments. xD)
(Deleted comment)