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04 September 2013 @ 02:17
If life gives you a lemon, cut it, squeeze it and add it to your tea.  

Bad news first. I didn't get the job. It wasn't such a big thing anyway, so yeah. No use feeling bad about it. Thanks for crossing your fingers, though.
And the flat. Well, I haven't heard anything from the landlord yet. Might be a good sign or not, idk. *keeps fingers crossed*
More bad news. Jessi got fired. I don't know why yet. We didn't manage to talk about it because her boyfriend is on a 'I love you but I need time to think about our relationship' thing a the moment, and moved back in with his parents. He said, only for a couple of days etc. etc. But idk.
Jessi's feeling horrible and is staying at her mom's. Jessi told me they are both not happy about it. Her mom moved in with a new boyfriend, and Jessi has to share a bed with her brother due to lack of a guest room and stuff.
Right now she just wants to be alone and hide in her brother's room. But she said that she wants to meet up on the weekend and I hope we'll be able to talk about stuff.
I'm worried about her and really hope that everything will turn out to be okay soon. And that her boyfriend will make up his freaking mind asap!
Men! *curses*
I'm almost glad I'm single. No trouble with boyfriends and their attitudes.


On Thursday night our internet connection died. Again. Oh, what a surprise! It took four days to find out why and one more day to fix it. They are specialists, they said! Haha.
I could check my e-mails and use twitter via my computer at work, but that's about it.
Not really a bad thing.
I was being busy with other things anyway.
I went to a little hiking tour in Austria. Only about 5 kilometers, because I had Oswald with me (and small dogs are not supposed to run such long distances etc.) and the weather wasn't nice.
But we met a bunch of nice people and Oswald fell in love, again. With a Great Dane lady named Bambi. We met people with smaller dogs too, but he completely ignored them and just focused on the Great Dane. She wasn't too impressed, as you can imagine, but kept chasing him around and let him hide underneath her when it started to rain. I couldn't stop laughing. What dorks.
Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. It really was a hilarious sight.
I keep thinking about getting another dog, to keep Oswald company. He just enjoys playing with other dogs so much. IDK. Maybe next year. Depends on whether I'm going to have a new job/flat until then. *file this under: daydreaming*

What follows next is a report about my adventures in book sorting, book stamping, book stacking, book searching and finding and oh, look who's found her old bookmarks!

 photo CIMG0683_zps351c7b6e.jpg

I was looking for my copy of Ship of Fools when I suddenly thought it would be a good idea to finally put my ex-libris in all the books I hadn't stamped yet. Turned out I forgot to put the stamp in all of the books that I put into the 'actually made for my record player and records but I'll just put books in it because otherwise they'd be all over the place' shelf the last time I sorted them. Ooops.

 photo CIMG0670_zpse083d302.jpg

That's what my ex-libris stamp looks like.
 photo 70d76772-e68e-4760-9570-7b18000ffb70_zps9e8f53da.jpg

I didn't find Ship of Fools, perhaps because I never owned it but only borrowed it from the library ages ago! *fails*
But I did find my long lost copy of The Moomins (this is relevant, because it's the Moomins for heaven's sake!) and some bookmarks. Some never used, and some I left in the books after reading them. I'm good at this 'searching for one thing and finding something completely different' business, you see. I should go looking for that one euro coin I lost the other day, maybe I'll end up finding a whole million! Hah!

 photo CIMG0700_zps397261ae.jpg
No, I don't have a thing for bookmarks, what makes you think that? I just love to buy one whenever I'm travelling, to have some sort of reminder idk. Most of them were gifst though. I love the little magnetic ones I get from my mom every year for my birthday.
I used to make lots of bookmarks myself, back when that thing you call creativity loved me like no other, but gifted most of them to friends or simply lost them. The Bernard one is still there though, mit den Schwammerl in den Haaren.
I had no idea I had a Captain Kirk bookmark until I found it in a collection of short stories by Gogol. Must have been ages since I read them.
I've sorted everything by now. There are still way too many books on the floor, but well. They'll have to stay there until I can afford a new shelf.

What else did happen. Let's see...
- I had my hair cut, again. It's really, really short in the back now and I love it.
- I'm doing sports, again. Well, only jogging atm, but that is a sport!
- I'm on a diet. Not to lose weight, but simply to detox my body and to make my metabolism and blood levels happy.
You're basically living vegan for a week, then add things like milk, fish and chicken to your diet plan, for a week, then vegan again, and then, my favourite, soup week! I keep having a soup week every autumn and it really is fabulous. My list of recipes is steadily growing. And besides, it's pumpkin time! Pumkin soup is one of the best things ever, don't tell me otherwise.
Let's not talk about the things cooking anything that's made of pumpkin (not to mention beetroot!) does to your kitchen, okay?

BBs, I hope you're all fine. Stay fabulous!

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Jools Spengler: Renatojolly_rotten on 17th September 2013 22:41 (UTC)
I'm not using the Marlene in drag bookmark for a reason! She's too distracting! (and i'm not queer but still, Marlene! She's just perfect. Like Lauren Bacall. *i love your icon!* Or Norma Shearer. Or...okay, I just happen to have some, whatdoyoucallit, bamf!actress crushes, I guess.)

Do you want to be Oswald's kickass fairy in armour godmother? I think he'd approve, very much.

BB, I think we're the Bright Young Things 2.0. ;D
Let me know when you're free for some more cabaret madness, okay?
And I'm sorry, I'm not around much atm. But, things are getting better and I promise change.

It's pretty much your average liver detoxication thingy diet, I think. You don't have to add fish or chicken, just whatever kind of food you're comfortable with. I added beef this time and it's great too.
The only thing I was having trouble with was the 'have breakfast every morning' part. I fail at eating more than idk a biscuit or so for breakfast. But I've tried a 'mix your own muesli' thing and it's really good. I still can't have it every single morning, but idk three times a week or so.
Okay, that was probably more about my daily meals than you'd ever wanted to know. SORRY!

P.S. I've missed you, too! xx
P.S.P.S. I still can't stop listening to Tre allegri ragazzi morti. <3
(Anonymous) on 17th September 2013 23:01 (UTC)
You have a new layout! Fancy!

Hahaha I completely understand. I think that even if I was straight I'd still have an epic crush on these fabulous ladies (Lauren Bacall is my ultimate celebrity crush, so much perfection!!!!).

Of course I'd love to be Oswald's kickass fairy in armour godmother! When he hits adolescence I'll totally show up and give him new clothes so he can go to a ball and meet the love of his life, Princess Oswaldina of Bavaria.

I'm always around (lol) so I'm always up for cabaret madness \o/

I'm crap at having a proper breakfast too. I usually just drink some chocolate milk or a cappuccino, I just can't eat that much in the morning. It's definitely not more than I wanted to know, I really want to try this diet now because I think my liver needs all the help it can get (by this point it's probably more like foie gras than an actual liver... RIP).

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti are so perfect ;_;
Jools Spengler: Pugjolly_rotten on 7th October 2013 00:12 (UTC)
Thank you. :)

I always wanted to be like Lauren. She's awesome and my perfect idea of a woman who doesn't give a toss. Not to mention that I want a love like hers and Bogie's some day. *as if*

OMG Princess Oswaldina. She'd have to be at least twice his size though. He only loves taller girls. xD And we'd be some super cool bridesmaids.

The only part about the diet I don't really like is the 'try to avoid sugar'. I just love chocolate so much. It's so hard to resist, even when it's only for a week or so. :P

atze arschkopp - autonomenausstatter: BOOKmurmelade on 4th September 2013 06:01 (UTC)
"I'm almost glad I'm single. No trouble with boyfriends and their attitudes."
darf man nicht unterschätzen, sowas. ernsthaft, das singleleben hat durchaus vorteile. :)

und: mann, ich bin verknallt in deine lesezeichensammlung! ich nehm immer post-its und bin in desperate need was lesezeichen angeht. immer und immer.
und ich würde auch gerne so einen stempel haben. wo bekommt man die? ich hab hier so viele bücher... *seufz*
Jools Spengler: Sebastian & Aloysiusjolly_rotten on 17th September 2013 22:53 (UTC)
das singleleben hat wirklich so einige vorteile, ich werde nie mehr meckern. :D

ich hab die lesezeichen alle so perfekt in einer tasse gestopft, das ich echt auch meistens zu faul bin, bzw. es nicht übers herz bringe eines da rauszureißen und dann doch wieder post its benutze. xD

ich hab den stempel geschenkt bekommen und weiß leider auch nicht wo man die bekommt. aber ich glaube online lässt sich so was leicht finden.
Daubaway Weirdsley: Bacchantedothestrand on 4th September 2013 08:27 (UTC)
I'm sorry about the job. :( There's still a chance that you'll get the flat though? I hope so. If not, hopefully you'll find something else soon.

I'm always so jealous reading about Oswald! I want a dog so much. If you got another dog, what breed would you want?
Jools Spengler: Renatojolly_rotten on 17th September 2013 22:47 (UTC)
Thank you.
I didn't get the flat either. It turned out to be simply too expensive.

Dogs are just amazing. I wouldn't want to live without Oswald anymore. He's a dork, but I love him to pieces.
I'd still love to have a dachsund or something bigger perhaps, like a labrador retriever.
We'll see, I have to safe up first anyway.

OMG you're in Rome now! I hope you're having a good time and that everything will turn out as planned. I can't wait to read more about it.
Just take care, okay? Because creepy Italians and so on.
HonigPfotepeluche on 4th September 2013 09:56 (UTC)
This gif - awesome! <3
nefertinanefertina86 on 4th September 2013 11:27 (UTC)
So schön von dir zu lesen <3
Auch wenn du dich mit so doofen Sachen rumschlagen musst wie Job und Wohnung... :( Ich denke an dich und drücke dir die Daumen, dass da ganz bald eine neue tolle Chance umd die Ecke kommt :)

Ach und es ist immer so schön von Oswald zu lesen! So ein Hund ist etwas traumhaftes :) Ich genieße es hier zu Hause auch viel mit Paulchen unterwegs zu sein. Er freut sich jeden Tag so sehr darüber, das ist einfach so schön!

Und der Stempel ist ja toll *__*
Machst du den in jedes deiner Bücher, oder in die, die du gelesen hast...?!

Und die Lesezeichen-Sammlung schaut toll aus!!!

Uuuund deine Haare!!! Foto! Ich bin so neugierig! Hoffentlich bringt die Ernährungsumstellung etwas, damit du dich besser fühlst! Fingers crossed!!! :)
Jools Spengler: Harold Seifenblasenjolly_rotten on 17th September 2013 22:49 (UTC)
Danke, Süße.

Paulchen! Ist ja auch so ein Süüüüßer.
Ich könnte mir ein Leben ohne Hund echt auch nicht mehr vorstellen. Selbst wenns einem nicht so gut geht, iwie heitern die kleinen Fellmonster einen immer wieder auf.

Ich mach den Stempel eigentlich in jedes Buch das ich neu bekomme. Wenn ich dran denke.

Mit den Haaren war ich noch nicht so zufrieden und deshalb nochmal beim Friseur. xD
Aber jetzt passt alles, finde ich. Foto kommt!
Danke, Lübes.
Dani: Tower Bridgeluinalda on 4th September 2013 13:06 (UTC)
Oh, I see Wodehouse and Kafka. I like! <3

And I have the little magnetic London bookmarks too. :D

Sorry about the job. :-( Hope you'll have more luck with the flat. I mean, there's still a bit of hope left, right? *fingers crossed*
Charity Farrell: different from the othersrembrandt13 on 6th September 2013 00:27 (UTC)
I love that you love bookmarks! And I love that ex libris sooo much! And I love you too! Jessi is lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you, and it's clear that Oswald already knows he has the best momma ever! ♥