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Più fatti e meno parole!

A party, indeed!

Jools Spengler

'You ask me what to do? I'll tell you: live wild and dangerous, Arthur!'

Jools. Jewish. Bavarian. Old soul. Fangirl. My life is simple but sweet.
Books are LOVE. Classic film nerd. In love with a bunch of actors. Tea. Traveling. Cake. Owls. British TV shows. Writing. Music. Italy. 1920s/1930s. Art. Silent films. Cinematography of the Gods. British crime shows. Penguin books. Randgruppentiere. More books, more tea and more films. I sometimes tend to get overly emotional about the things I love. Anton Walbrook is the prettiest. Herbert Lom owns my soul. Myrna Loy is the queen of my heart.

Never say anything rude about my favourite people, because I know how to kill with a cheese cutter.

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